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Accounting and taxation

Do you want to learn about deductions? Bookkeeping? What kind of receipts should you be keeping? Learn how to avoid being audited by CRA.

Real Estate Investing

Is real estate investing hard?  Not if you have someone helping you along the way. You’ll be able to buy that first or 10th property. The foundational courses will help you build your confidence and your portfolio!

Small Business Entrepreneurs

Starting up a business and don’t know where to start? We’ll help you with setting up your back office and show you want documents you need to keep.

Coaching and Mentoring

We offer small group LIVE coaching classes, so you get the help you need in the areas of taxation, real estate investing and back office management.  You’ll have access to our instructors and be able to ask them questions at the live classes.

Success Stories

“I can’t believe how much Cherry Chan has helped with my real estate investing adventure.  I was one of her first clients. She is a huge asset to my team and had a profound effect on my life – living my life on my terms.

Thank you so much Cherry, you are the best. I’m with you forever. Thank you!”

Karming Charrey

Teacher & Real Estate Investor


“I invest in Hamilton, ON. My husband and I have 10 properties. It’s quite a lot to manage and I couldn’t be more thankful for Cherry for helping us with our accounting to know that everything is taken care of in that area.

Accounting is very important when you have a large portfolio and I’ve been working with Cherry for the full 5 years that she had her business and I love watching her business grow. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as an accountant, as a person and as a friend who operates at a high level of integrity.”

Evelyne LaMarsh

Real Estate Investor

Introducing the NEW Realtor Tax Hacking System

Many Realtors have asked for a program like my new course, and if you’re truly trying to maximize deductions, save time while satisfying CRA then this is for you.


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